Vietnam Cupid Review

Is Vietnam Cupid a Scam? My Unfiltered Vietnam Cupid Review

One of the primary selling points of dating in Vietnam is that you have a much higher sexual market value than back home. White skin is extremely revered in Vietnam and there is generally a low supply of white western men. This means that the women are in strong competition with one another and will do their best to please you.

Filipino Cupid Review

Filipino Cupid Review: The Best Sex of My Life

If you’re like me, you come to the Philippines because you want to meet some beautiful, exotic and feminine young women. You’re also a busy man who doesn’t want to deal with time wasters and flakers. Filipino Cupid is simply the best way to meet an abundance of sexy Filipinas as efficiently as possible.

Thai Cupid Review

Thai Cupid Review: The BEST Way To Meet Sexy Thai Girls

There are a LOT of gorgeous women in Thailand. A hallmark of Asian cultures is that women take very good care of their appearance, which is certainly the case in Thailand. In this Thai Cupid review, I will analyse one of the best and easiest ways to meet beautiful Thai women for a relationship or some casual sex.