How to Meet Russian Girls in Saigon

Meet Russian Girls in Saigon

While a lot of my readers love their native Asian women, sometimes they need a bit of variety. A common question I receive from readers surrounds the topic of how to meet Russian girls in Saigon. While I still prefer Asian girls, I can definitely understand the desire for these tall, slender, and beautiful Russian girls.

So, I went out into the field and did a little bit of research for you guys. Whether you want to meet Russian escorts in Saigon or just regular girls, this article will act as a complete guide.

Russian Escorts in Saigon: Where to Meet Them

As with Manila, the best place to meet Russian escorts in Saigon is in the red-light districts. Where I’ve come across the most of these girls is actually Hao Bin Park, known for being Saigon’s most notorious red-light area.

They are particularly popular outside various clubs such as Apocalypse Now, the Observatory, and Lush. You’ll typically see 10+ Russian girls at each of these joints, the majority of which perform pole dancers.

Meet Russian Girls in Saigon

Apocalypse Now – Hao Bin Park

Whilst you might think that there would be a bar of exclusively Russian girls, they tend to work in harmony with gorgeous Vietnamese girls. The Viet chicks will usually dress in bikinis do choreograph dance performances to pop music.

I think of the place as somewhat of a cross between a gentleman’s bar and a cabaret club. You won’t typically have the option to bar fine a girl, however most will be freelancers.

One benefit of Bao Bin Park is that the prices are noticeably cheaper than what you’ll pay in overpriced gogo bars across Asia. You’ll pay around 30,000 dong for a beer and 40,000 for a soda water, which is definitely comparatively solid value.

Where these places do tend to make its money is by overcharging for lady drinks. You’re probably looking at around 230,000 VND here, roughly $10 USD. Any of the girls can sit with you though, including those sexy Russian escorts.

Buy her a drink, be your charming self and you’ll probably have a good chance of taking her home. While there is a definite lack of foreign escorts in Saigon, Hao Bin Park definitely the place to meet Russian girls in Saigon, and Vietnam in general.

Meet Russian Girls in Saigon Online

If you prefer regular Russian girls, your options aren’t just limited to Russian escorts in Saigon. There are definitely a few who girls who study in Vietnam and freelance on the side to help pay the bills.

Whilst there aren’t as many Russian babes as Thailand, there are definitely more than enough girls here to make it worth your while. Saigon isn’t all that ethnically diverse yet, so these girls really stick out.

In terms of nightclubs, the highest volume of Russian girls in Saigon that I’ve seen was at the Lush Nightclub in District 1. This is a more upmarket part of town catered to expats so these girls would likely be looking for some cash on the side.

Online Dating

If you want to meet the highest volume of Russian girls in Saigon, online dating is undoubtedly your best bet. As long-term followers of the blog would know, I definitely think making a Vietnam Cupid account is worthwhile.

Vietnam Cupid

With over half a million gorgeous women on this site, I’ve come across tons of gorgeous Russian women in the time I’ve had a Vietnam Cupid account. I’d estimate there are around 3000-4000 female Russian profiles on Vietnam Cupid, much better volume than you’d encounter elsewhere. The best part is that most of these girls are on the younger side, typically between 18-30.

The quality of the girls is also unbelievably high and they really stand out compared to their Asian sisters. Female profiles tend to outnumber male ones on Vietnam Cupid, so there is definitely a ton of competition from the girls.

I’ve remarked before how reputable the Cupid Media network is, so you can rest assured of avoiding scams. At less than $10 per month for an annual subscription, you simply get unprecedented access to quality Russian girls in Saigon.

Image result for vietnamese girls

What’s more is that the Russian girls here are extremely into foreigners. Vietnamese guys typically won’t go for these Russian chicks, meaning you’ve got a great chance if that’s what you’re into.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out here and optimize your dating life in Saigon with Vietnam Cupid.

International Cupid

If you’re looking for a specific Russian alternative, the main one I can think of is a sister site of Vietnam Cupid, known as International Cupid. This tends to attract girls from all over the world, including Russians.

There are millions of users on the site and you’d probably again come across 3000-4000 Russian women. Play your cards right and you could probably get one to travel out to Saigon to meet you.

There’s no risk on your end either. No need to spend money up front and ultimately end up disappointed. You can filter for Russian girls using a free account and then move to paid if you like what you see.

If none take your fancy, then there’s no need to pay for an account. In the likely event that you come across some stunners, then you can consider a paid membership to International Cupid.

Meet Russian Girls in Saigon: Conclusion

Whether you’re after regular girls on Russian escorts in Saigon, there are definitely options available out here. My first port of call would be Hao Bin Park, where you can at the very least enjoy some of titties and nightlife festivities. Lush in District 1 also looms a solid choice as an alternative on a night out.

That said, your best and most efficient bet is still probably using online dating. Vietnam Cupid is best for finding Russian girls in Manila, and you’ll at the very least come across some stunning Vietnamese girls.

If you think you may be leaving Vietnam soon, International Cupid and Asian Dating are also strong alternatives. This will allow you to filter for Russian girls and see if any take your fancy before becoming a member.

One thing’s for sure, there’s no excuse to not be meeting any gorgeous Russian girls in Saigon. Come on out here and experience dating in Vietnam for yourself today!

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