How to Meet Escorts Online in Hong Kong: The Ultimate Guide

Meet Hong Kong escorts online

Not only is Hong Kong one of the best places to live in Asia, it is rapidly becoming an excellent single man’s paradise. The girls are attractive, the infrastructure is amazing, and the lifestyle is generally fantastic out here. Naturally, a common thing guys want to know when visiting is how to meet escorts online in Hong Kong.

Fortunately, I’ll go in-depth on that very topic during this article. I will be taking a deep dive into the new and more efficient way to meet Hong Kong escorts; online. I’ll cover the best places to meet these gorgeous escorts online in Hong Kong and what to expect from them. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Meet Hong Kong escorts online

Reasons to Avoid Hong Kong Bars

While Hong Kong escort bars tend to get a lot of love online, they really aren’t a great value option at all. I did used to enjoy these places when I first arrived in Hong Kong, but I’ve honestly become disillusioned to them over time. Here are just a few reasons to ditch the bars and conduct your business online:

Annoying Owners

You can’t be in a gogo bar for 3 seconds without one of these kunts shoving a drinks menu in your face. Before too long, they’ll start pressuring you to buy lady drinks and start bar fining girls.

It is seemingly the same in every one of these bars, which has really turned me off the place. I know that they’ve got to make some money but they’re going about it the wrong way IMO. Meeting escorts online doesn’t involve any of this garbage and can be done at your own leisure.

Everything is Overpriced

While you’re paying for ‘the show’ on stage, the drinks and bar fines in Hong Kong bars are laughably overpriced. You’re looking at about $1000HKD to take a girl out of the bar and $50HKD just to get a decent beer. I know that this is an expensive city but these prices are way to much compared to places like Thailand and the Philippines.

The Girls Can’t Dance

Not only is the music shit, these girls just can’t dance to save their lives. They literally just stand on stage moving around a little bit and looking bored. With the exorbitant prices they’re charging, I don’t understand why they can’t show some enthusiasm.

Less Attractive Girls

While Hong Kong girls are relatively attractive in general, I think more and more attractive girls are avoiding the gogo bars. They’re becoming increasingly savvy and don’t want to deal with some kunty owner taking her share.

This has led to a huge shift towards online prostitution, where the girls keep most, if not all of what they bring in. The benefit for you is that this often gets passed down in the form of cheaper sex prices.

Best Ways to Meet Escorts Online in Hong Kong

Given that the red light scene isn’t huge in Hong Kong, it’s time to take a look at the best ways to meet Hong Kong escorts online. In my opinion, you’ve got two really strong options and I’ll go through both of those now.


Perhaps the most popular article on this site is my in-depth Smooci review, which shows there’s definitely some interest in this service. Described as Uber for escorts, this app is incredibly convenient and should revolutionize the escort industry.

Smooci is an online booking platform that effectively connects men with escorts. These girls typically operate either independently or as part of trusted agencies. With the unique Smooci platform, you’re allowed to instantly book escorts that are available.

You will then receive an immediate confirmation that will show where the girl is and how long it will be before she arrives. Once the booking is made, you will be in direct communication with the escort herself. I’ve used Smooci multiple times in Hong Kong and had overwhelmingly positive experiences each time.

Smooci in Hong Kong

While Smooci first got its start in Bangkok and Singapore, the Hong Kong market is rapidly emerging. It is primarily focused on the city center, although there are obvious plans for expansion in the near future.

Smooci Premium Membership

If you’re only planning on getting the standard free membership, Smooci probably isn’t worth using in Hong Kong. I’ve noticed that the free version is significantly slower and isn’t updated in real time, leading to booking complications. Here are just a few features that come with the paid membership: 

Live GPS Tracking: Instead of getting an estimated arrival time of your date, this allows you to live check and follow her journey all the way to your door. You can now ensure that no funny business is taking place and that you get the full value for your money.

Photo Verification: Premium members can see a seal of approval for photos that were verified as accurate by the clear majority of previous customers. Now you can be sure exactly of what your girl will look like before she shows up.

Read User Comments: Read every past user comment on a particular escort; including the good, the bad and the ugly. This can give you the last bit of information you need to make your decision. You’ll find out exactly how the girl was in the sack and can get an insight as to whether you’ll enjoy her company.

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With memberships starting as low as $9.99, you’ll enjoy a lot more peace of mind and ultimately get better value with a paid account. If this type of price scares you away, you should probably look for a destination other than Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong Cupid

Another excellent way to meet online escorts in Hong Kong is through online dating. The best site that I’ve found in Hong Kongis definitely Hong Kong Cupid, which boasts over half a million members.

You’ll get an excellent mix of good girls and escorts on this site, making for a more authentic experience. I’ve penned a full Hong Kong Cupid review here, where I really go in depth on this excellent Hong Kong dating site.

The quality of girls on Hong Kong Cupid is much higher than what you will find on strictly free dating sites. Paying for a membership tends to act as an excellent filter to get rid of time wasters and those who aren’t serious.

Hong Kong Cupid will always have you covered with gorgeous and like-minded women who are keen to meet you. This is much better than a site like Smooci, which is really just limited to the city center at this stage.

Benefits of a Paid Hong Kong Cupid Membership

As with Smooci, you’re simply wasting your time if you’re just using the free version of Hong Kong Cupid. The thing with Cupid dating sites is that neither of you will be able to read messages unless one of you is a paid member. As the man, you should really be the one taking the initiative.

Here are just a few benefits of being a Hong Kong Cupid member:

  • Appear first in searches
  • Send and receive e-mail from free members
  • Upload personal videos
  • Take personality tests to find better matches
  • Use translation software

Featuring first in searches is such a huge competitive advantage. This will get your profile in front of the eyes of the most beautiful women, who often don’t need to search through multiple pages.

Similarly, a paid account allows you to send and receive emails from free members. A lot of Hong Kong girls simply won’t need a paid account, so this could potentially limit your options significantly.

The ability to upload personal videos also comes in incredibly handy as this can be a great way to vet girls before meeting them. This ensures she is what you’re looking for, allows her to build emotional investment in you, and reduces the likelihood that she flakes.

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Hong Kong Cupid Memberships come in relatively cheaply as well, starting at just under $30 USD. For the chance to meet some beautiful Hong Kong escorts online as well as some stunning regular girls, you just won’t find better value.

If you really want to maximise your chances of meeting gorgeous Hong Kong girls online, you’re missing out by not creating a Hong Kong Cupid account.

Stop playing around and start optimizing your Hong Kong dating life by creating your account today.

Why Pay to Meet Escorts Online in Hong Kong?

While some of you are already getting set to purchase your Hong Kong Cupid membership, others are wondering why they should spend money to meet escorts online in Hong Kong. From personal experience, I can say that you’re saving an absolute ton of money by doing so online.

The costs of a taxi, accommodation in the red-light district, bar fines, and alcohol on a night out really adds up. While Hong Kong is generally relatively expensive, nights out on the red light district are even more costly than in most places.

Meeting these escorts online is simply way more cost-effective. You can spend just $30 for a full month of action on Hong Kong Cupid, while Smooci has memberships as low as $9. This cuts your costs down significantly and allows you to regularly bang more attractive women.

Moreover, meeting escorts online in Hong Kong is simply way more efficient than doing so in person. You can meet hundreds or even thousands of these girls all from your apartment in a very short time. You can’t get anywhere near this level of volume by strictly doing so in person.

With the extensive filtering options of both Hong Kong Cupid and Smooci, you can find one tailor-made for you. Instead of having to settle for what is there in person, you can pick the ones best suited to you out of thousands of options.

Ultimately, you’ll save both time and money if you choose to meet escorts online in Hong Kong as opposed to doing so in person. Especially if you’re a busy man who wants to enjoy his time with other things, this is the way to do it going forward.

How to Meet Escorts Online in Hong Kong: Conclusion

Hopefully, you got a ton of value from this in-depth guide on how to meet escorts online in Hong Kong. As you can see, the internet has really provided us with some excellent options, namely Hong Kong Cupid and Smooci.

Personally, I definitely prefer Hong Kong Cupid because of the nice mix of good girls and escorts. With over half a million users, you’re almost guaranteed to find a bunch of attractive women that you get on with.

Create your account and start meeting some gorgeous Hong Kong girls today!

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